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Everyone thinks the life of an addict is so exciting and eventful, like how it’s portrayed in drug movies. You picture dirty junkies running...
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It is not heroin or cocaine that makes one an addict, it is the need to escape from a harsh reality.
It was love at first line.
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Shes two different people when shes clean and when shes on drugs
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Which drug should I do next??
Drugs I’ve done: -dxm -benzos -opiates -weed -cocaine Which should i go for next though?? (Btw, saying “church” does nothing because I’m atheist so you can stop reblogging and adding religious things-thanks)
Drugs are both the worst and best things I have ever experienced.
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You don’t understand how much I love being numb. Being incoherent as to what is happening. Not being able to decipher between what’s real an...
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so here’s a thought: who cares if food stamp recipients test positive for drugs. we still deserve food.
when its quiet and something funny happens that makes you immediately bust out laughing