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meh i regret nothing gintama okita sougo yorozuya eien nare ((maybe i regret the coloring but othe r than that nothing))
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Adventure Time Waka Okami amaterasu ushiwaka I don't even know if anyone who isn't me will find this funny
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                         YOU! I wanna take you to a GAY BAR I wanna take you to a GAY BAR I wanna take you to a            GAY BAR                GAY BAR ?                    GAY BAR
sherlock johnlock sherlock bbc SherlockEdit gif'd the sign of three drunk!sherlock tsot tjlc vaguely phallic glassware seeks the mouth of dissatisfied bachelor's possibly gay best friend there are captions xoxo ETA: i realized that he's just WTFing at sherlock finishing his so quickly but w/e my slash goggles are on. i regret nothing
Mojo Jojo Mojo Sh?jo
homestuck Twilight i regret nothing at all
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i regret nothing
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