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Drunk text me. Text me when the music is loud and there are girls dancing around you and you’re not quite coherent and you’re no...
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Drunk shakespeare should totally be a thing. I would literally pay so much money to watch someone perform hamlet whilst wasted
I don’t know if any of you guys know about this already, but there’s this awesome little drunk post ’translator’ that takes normal text and mangles it - you can even choose how drunk you want your post/character to be! 
drunk funny Anna Kendrick blurry pitch perfect Skylar Astin I'm not drunk
I’m not sure why people dislike receiving drunk texts. you’re the only person they’re thinking of when their brain canR...
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Harry Styles drunk harry styles drunk Drunk Direction THANK GOD FOR AUSTRALIA I WANT TO GET DRUNK WITH ONE DIRECTION i wanna be drunk when i wake up on the right side of hazza's bed
why? why are all the websites I go to drunk drunk website
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