• duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. •
my stuff The X Files mine: x files mulder x scully sorry for the huge photoset non-xphiles followers duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. i'm torturing myself making these xf [all] abduction arc xf parallels
type: gif hyuk ken vixx hakyeon (editable vixx file vid; cr jinhwan) going through a vixx file rewatch this is still one of my fav moments bc 1) hyuk doesn't cry 2) hyuken 3) HAKYEON'S FACE i still don't quite understand what's going on in this conversation bc it deviates so quickly but hakyeon's face is gold i was also going to gif the next part of this bc hyuk says Some Things and it rly shows the difference between 2013 hyuk and 2014 hyuk but that can wait!! ! also i like that hyuk remembered he had to speak abt his troubles bc he got nominated so here he is (and yet.. the hyungs..) (... still on his case)
destiel welp dash
please ;~~~; welp type: gif whatever man type: mine animanga: naruto my sweet prince omfg what the fuck photoshop you tricked me!!! this was not how fast i wanted it to be this episode does so many things to me and i actually can't watch it in one go uchiha bros for life kishi can you just give them some sort of progress in the next chapter WHY WOULD YOU INTERRUPT ITACHI WHEN HE IS ASKING IF SASUKE IS OKAY I JUST NEED THEM TO TALK character: uchiha sasuke
mine game of thrones Arya Stark gendry gotedit my got rewatch is so entertaining
my stuff Bradley James Merlin series 4 colin morgan arthur merthur 401 .mgif .mrewatch in which arthur is smug bastard cos merlin's using his nickname 'firewood' infront of all the knights and they both think are so smart using euphemism while the knights exactely know what's going on (another rewatch outtake)
Fanart fan art egoraptor game grumps Arin Hanson Barry Kramer suzy berhow mortem3r steam train razzadoop danny sexbang rubberninja Steam Rolled danny avidan Ross O'Donovan I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY CAUSE THIS TOOK FOREVER pls be kind munchy art
mine Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Simon Tam 1k* fireflyedit Firefly* fsedits firefly rewatch AND FAMILY MEANS NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND the crew is family simon oops missed that apostrophe in gif 3 shhh i fixed it
mine grant gustin The Flash barry allen dcedit iris west reverse flash candice patton CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE IRIS AND BARRY MOMENT IN THE TRAILER THO OMMMMGGG
:3 welp Korra legend of korra ks lok kitty amon is now my favorite thing i didnt really know what color to make amon i should really get some more sleep but this is fun i did use a reference maybe one day i can make one on my own
MY EDIT my post welp kuroko no basket kuroko's basketball Aomine Daiki aomine here have some pain his skin tone is so inconsistent omfg i have also noticed in my travels in order to get the pictures to alternate... thAT FUJIMAKA DRAWS EVERYONE LOOKING TO THE LEFT SO IT'S SO HARD TO FIND PICS THAT FIT ON THE LEFT
Send me '?' and I will draw your muse horribly on MSPaint
mine Arthur Pendragon yes Merlin merthur merlin rewatch 2013 Merlin Rewatch you know what MY bane is save for web and devices also this is my favorite scene in the history of merlin otp: swords and scarves
1k film welp divergent FOURTRIS tobias eaton tris prior divergentedit otp: i am his and he is mine mine [9] my gifs [5] this is my fourtris song ok also lol because i can't color this movie for shit
1k * *gifs Lee Pace Pushing Daisies anna friel so many tags ned the piemaker ned x chuck chuck charles charlotte charles this is kinda inspired by a glee rewatch thing i saw on tumblr ages ago also i really wanted to rewatch pushing daisies pushing daisies rewatch
My art egoraptor danny gg suzy Barry Ross game grumps Arin Hanson arin Barry Kramer meeperfish mortem3r danny sexbang Dan Avidan Ross O'Donovan Mortemer this is so stupid i'm sorry his hair just keeps getting bigger Danny's hair shit dang that's a lot of tags
*** :') idek ouat Emma Swan captain hook what is this even Captain Swan killian jones otp: you need me. cs graphic ~welp i suck everything i touch turns to crap but my babies ~i just missed you both on my screen so there
gif mine monochrome shingeki no kyojin attack on titan armin arlelt mysnk idk i was just playing around with photoshop and came up with this shit lol its so horrible HAHAHAHHAHAH welp what am i doing with my life? this was literally just an experiment i was self teaching myself something and jfc compressing this was a bitch the quality is super shitty
Han Geng Hangeng Hankyung welp DIOR HOMME i laughed so hard 130629 gdi Dior first there was Han GengA and now Geng Ham omg what's next? ignore my awesome ps skills Geng Ham Han Geng gets no respect