• duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. •
batman Green Lantern flash justice league hal jordan barry allen HalBarry
:') cherik my shtuff my comics heheh yes yes I know stupid charl erik was right next to you i love the smol dorky charl a;slkdfjal;sdjkf FIRST COMIC ON THIS BLOG DRAWN BY A UNIV GRAD also i know the original joke is slightly diluted in my comic the person talking about the post is the '1 in 4' gay person but i wanted to draw the follow up smol cherik
march 26th 2016 flappin my gums March 26th 2016
My art crossover Supergirl SORT OF The Flash silly comic barry allen kara danvers
* lilo and stitch disney *gif <333 Disneyedit liloandstitchedit *lilo and stitch disney rewatch
The Flash arrow barry allen PRECIOUS CUPCAKE john diggle arrowedit felicity smoak felicitysmoakedit she is so strong the flash: 2x15 the flash: season 2 arrow: season 4 my adorable ninja hacker goddess
blood My art fan art digital art gf gravity falls gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers bill cipher weirdmaggedon part 3 spoilers take back the falls spoilers boy howdy im dead this took a bit longer than it should have and im not sure why these were going to be different but my plans changed cause they weren't turning out right i still love blood rain and im sure it'll happen for eternity in bill's spot cause that's how he rolls everyone has done a redraw of this scene during the day so that's why i wanted to do different ones- but tbh my favorite IS the day one ahahaha also I can't write oops! i also can't draw blood WELP
pokemon mine pixel art transparent orig hoppip pkmnart i also had a giant vulpix painted next to it PokeFebChallenge
silly pyrruby for @bonpyro and all the other hurting pyrruby souls(reference video here)
1k my gifs made by me The X Files Dana Scully Fox Mulder MSR txfedit txf rewatch gdi i need a better s4 download this is lq
My art welp nsfw ish blood tw >_> carmilla bruises tw carmilla karnstein laura hollis hollstein posting this one earlier because the old one is circulating again my lazy lightning strikes again
art Fanart steven universe Blue Pearl adlr
This is for any of you who are aspiring artists, animators, ...
I’m going on a cruise with my boyfriend next week
What songs should I add to a playlist for us?
Me, age 12:Me, age 22:
Personal ?????? yoongi the teddy bear's bigger i think because the pic taken is more far away but he is cute so cute welp welp
Christmas Christmas tree my posts long post Splatoon SQUIDMAS I spent my whole christmas day on this haha do u feel me bc I was too lazy to do it earlier ALSO THAT GREAT ZAPFISH IS P BIG AND IT FEELS AMAZING WHEN U HOLD IT -HOLDS MY SON- he's the derpiest thing ever but I love him
gifs my stuff The Flash barry allen theflashedit barryallendaily centralcitygifs
*Pours Coconut Oil on 2016*
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