• duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. •
my edits i hope you like it *1k life is strange whoever sent me this
anyways oofuri abemiha PDA / >______> i'll tag pairings from now on to make it easier 4 everyone... to find or blacklist etc my favorite is the 1st one..... im gonna draw a buncha miha spoiling abe next to balance these out haha! DRAGS HANDS DOWN FACE. I WISH I WASNT IN ABMH HELL 24/7 BUT W/E
When I think of Dean and Cas together together, it isn’t that I picture two hot dudes fucking, though Chuck knows I love smutty fic. No, it is that I think of Cas carrying Dean out of Hell, cradling his soul, of Dean being touched by another being for the first time in 40 years and not feeling pain....
Illustration art barry bruner tu recepcja crossconnectmag
1k ** The Flash arrow barry allen oliver queen arrowedit mine: arrow theflashedit mine: the flash oliver x barry flarrowships mine: oliver and barry
Pantherlily rboz: my art gajevy rboz: gajevycomics it kinda went nsfwish at the end as well---welp pls click the pictures if you can't read the text properly! it's better XD
egoraptor game grumps Arin Hanson Barry Kramer suzy berhow mortem3r razzadoop danny sexbang Dan Avidan Ross O'Donovan Rubber Ninja dayna doodle guild grumps
I love when these racist ass commenters say on ANY police brutality post "Go back to Africa" or "Sta...
Because we literally tried and guess who ruined it?????? GUESS!!! Guess who deported Marcus Garvey and destroyed the Black Zionism (Back to Africa) movement! Guess who destroyed our neighborhood in Greenwood, Tulsa, aka Black Wall Street! Guess who committed the Rosewood Massacre! Guess who comm...
My art Fanart game grumps Arin Hanson GameGrumps Markiplier Barry Kramer mortem3r rubberninja Dan Avidan kevin Abernathy i spent WAY too much time on this it took like.. maybe 10+hrs it looks real fuckin good tho
gif exo sehun gif:osh exo next door kwanghun oh my god this took ages and my photoshop kept dying alkdjfalsdjfk i can't believe exo next door is over now what am i going to do on tuesday and thursday nights? go out and [wheeze] actually [wheeze] socialise????
comic fancomic falling star lapis lazuli steven universe peridot fanco
The Flash barry allen flash* theflashedit flashedit barryallenedit this is my last crying gif for a while now.....probably......maybe............ (im sorry lmao i cannot Stop)
@ The Flash barry allen flashedit Nora Allen 40 minutes of pure hell
gifs my stuff 5k grant gustin The Flash barry allen 1x23 fast enough
* gifs* arrow barry allen arrowedit barryallenedit ohlicity he's so dumb oh my god
Gossip Girl blair waldorf Dan Humphrey
1k * The Flash barry allen Caitlin Snow theflashedit snowbarry snowbarryedit theflash1k the flash deleted scene snowbarry in 1.21 the flash 1.21 barry in 1.21 caitlin in 1.21 snowbarry1k
mygifs gifs *** Daredevil Matt Murdock elden henson I FUCKING HATE THIS SHOW foggy nelson daredeviledit mattfoggy i dont understand the elden hate on some reviews i think elden is a great foggy also pls rewatch the scene on ep 10 where matt says it was fisk and eventho foggy was too mad @ him he was like he did this to you? and the way elden said it was so sweet and caring and i just ...........
The Flash flash* theflashedit flashedit barryallenedit barry x eddie eddiethawneedit thallen otp: i can kiss you for science I CAN'T BELIEVE EDDIE HAS CANONICALLY PULLED A RING OUT ON BARRY EDDIE CANONICALLY OPENED THE BOX FOR BARRY BEFORE HE OPENED IT FOR IRIS CANON.  C A N O N
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