• duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. •
my gifs welp team usa sochi 2014 gus kenworthy
shit written
welp that made my day
mine antm america's next top model mines i'm so proud of him meanplastic surprisebitch buffybarnes antm22 nyle dimarco deaf talent my nyle
Gossip Girl blair waldorf Dan Humphrey
Personal what the fuck people when u get to sit next to ur friend in class
supernatural destiel spnfanart man i don't know if i even want to watch it i don't really like the ross-leming/buckner episodes taxi driver was 90% plot hole and then there's all the wank i might just wait until next week and watch the two together
oitnb Orange is the new Black laverne cox sophia burset is it too early to rewatch it again?
Christmas cats comic meow ho ho ho anythingcomic tapastic yep cats again I like the little pokemon things on my desk the leafeon is in the christmas tree at the moment though
the impact of the terror attack in paris will be felt by european muslims more than anyone else, so those of us who aren’t muslim really need to stand by them like we did in sydney, because the rise of islamophobia and xenophobia in europe is very troubling and it’s so important that peo...
*Pours Coconut Oil on 2016*
spoilers ruby sapphire artz SU i dont even know anymore garnet steven universe top tier trashposts population pie tobi look what you've done the tru garnet fusion okay i think i've satisfied my need for gem art never finishes those gemfusion prompts welp peridot is being top tier nerd somewhere
friends rewatch i would leave ross for susan in a HEARTBEAT
comics buildings self-motivation drawing challenges what shape are they? just a bunch of irregular....boxes or something making my life DIFFICULT next on the list is cars then hats shoes used to be a huge problem but i'm getting the hang of those.
*squats down next to kindergartener on their first day of school* listen sport whatever they tell yo...
* game of thrones robb stark got edit: mine i don't even know this is what's happening inside my head during the rewatch abbey's magical got experience 2.0 this is the dumbest thing i've ever made omg
my gifs Will Ferrell Tina Fey dreamworks jonah hill favourite movies megamind my movie gifs i just think this movie is underestimated movie still has problems but still on my favourites list nice guy trope bad guy trope gonna do a roxanne richie appreciation post next megamind edits
Halloween kinda ???? monster girl my art welp
what welp myart stupid levi snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan i am laugh eren jeager Jean Kirschstein hange zoe Nile Dawk erwim smith this is why I shouldn't draw when I'm tired levi selfie This looks so bad but it was really hard to draw
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