• duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. •
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1k film welp divergent FOURTRIS tobias eaton tris prior divergentedit otp: i am his and he is mine mine [9] my gifs [5] this is my fourtris song ok also lol because i can't color this movie for shit
ignore my eyebrows !! look @ the SNAILS he just came in w his friends like aoife i have a present for u and he put tthis wet thing on my face and i said BARRY !! IS THAT A SNAIL and he said yea !! and his friends started laughing
mine Arthur Pendragon yes Merlin merthur merlin rewatch 2013 Merlin Rewatch you know what MY bane is save for web and devices also this is my favorite scene in the history of merlin otp: swords and scarves
mine grant gustin The Flash barry allen dcedit iris west reverse flash candice patton CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE IRIS AND BARRY MOMENT IN THE TRAILER THO OMMMMGGG
*** :') idek ouat Emma Swan captain hook what is this even Captain Swan killian jones otp: you need me. cs graphic ~welp i suck everything i touch turns to crap but my babies ~i just missed you both on my screen so there
1k * *gifs Lee Pace Pushing Daisies anna friel so many tags ned the piemaker ned x chuck chuck charles charlotte charles this is kinda inspired by a glee rewatch thing i saw on tumblr ages ago also i really wanted to rewatch pushing daisies pushing daisies rewatch
film 35mm artists on tumblr joyce manor Barry Johnson photographers on tumblr growing up is dumb
gif mine monochrome shingeki no kyojin attack on titan armin arlelt mysnk idk i was just playing around with photoshop and came up with this shit lol its so horrible HAHAHAHHAHAH welp what am i doing with my life? this was literally just an experiment i was self teaching myself something and jfc compressing this was a bitch the quality is super shitty
Han Geng Hangeng Hankyung welp DIOR HOMME i laughed so hard 130629 gdi Dior first there was Han GengA and now Geng Ham omg what's next? ignore my awesome ps skills Geng Ham Han Geng gets no respect
homestuck vriska serket vriska typing quirk also wow I just realized Vriska is my patron troll well huh
art vintage portrait Duane Michals
otp star trek tng riker the next generation troi TNG rewatch The Manhunt
When I think of Dean and Cas together together, it isn’t that I picture two hot dudes fucking, though Chuck knows I love smutty fic. No, it is that I think of Cas carrying Dean out of Hell, cradling his soul, of Dean being touched by another being for the first time in 40 years and not feeling pain....
My art egoraptor danny gg suzy Barry Ross game grumps Arin Hanson arin Barry Kramer meeperfish mortem3r danny sexbang Dan Avidan Ross O'Donovan Mortemer this is so stupid i'm sorry his hair just keeps getting bigger Danny's hair shit dang that's a lot of tags
queue my gifset BTVS xander harris Dawn Summers buffy season six mine: btvs buffy rewatch wow this ep is both horrifyingly depressing and hilarious obviously this is a less hilarious bit wow dawn ily
my gif nice 1000 500 kang min hyuk cnblue Jung Yong hwa ot4 weekly idol Lee Jong Hyun lee jung shin cnblue gif LOOOL this took a while but it was fun hahaha i know this video isnt that new but welp im behind on cnblue stuff so yeah srry lol jk not srry never enough dorky kpop idols on tumblr this is going in a queue
tumblr wtf tumblr staff this shall be the only graphic post coming from me til THIS SHIT IS FIXED also means hiatus for my rewatch series -.-