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if the fandom doesn’t try and translate the gallifreyan in the tardis then i will be severely disappointed.
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how do you even go about explaining the dw 50th special to someone THE DOCTOR MET THE DOCTOR AND THE DOCTOR WHO IS ACTUALLY THE WARRIOR AND THE WARRIOR WAS LIKE I HAVE TO BURN GALLIFREY BUT THEN THE DOCTOR WAS LIKE: NO lets put it in a painting
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List of Doctor Who phrases that will make me cry tears of blood You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I. Take me back! And I suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it: Rose Tyler… Oh, Donna Noble. I am so sorry. But we had the best of times. Hello, Doctor. I...
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Daleks must be good at making souffles because of the whole whisk-hand thing
The Doctor’s Christmas list: A fez Rose Tyler
dw read dw makes the best faces
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this episode is a phenomenal instant new favourite I’m in love with twelve-Clara dynamic Clara is perfect around children I’m going to cry basically Clara is perfect human being Pink is also precious god I’m so happy with this episode
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