• dying •
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I Feel Like Dying
Lil Wayne  The Carter 3 Mixtape
I Feel Like Dying — Lil Wayne
Laughing out loud but dying inside.
depression suicide crying self harm cutting dying
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Zayn Malik im dying
i see “taken” in a lot of girls bios lol i like that movie too 
  • *first day of spring*
  • trees:hello naughty children it's murder time
  • kids with allergies:shit
i love dying ztp
im fucking dying
  • Interviewer:How does it feel to touch Justin Bieber's butt?
  • Katy Perry:It's very warm. And, lovely. And perfectly, um, bouncy? And um, I don't know if I'm making anyone uncomfortable. But I made the conscious decision to do it after he turned eighteen so I couldn't go to jail.
  • Katy Perry:But it's perfect. It's like a baseball butt, you know? One of those. Like, best position.
  • Katy Perry:He's perfect.
LOL dying
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Watching Darkside of the Moon There’s a moment Mary has her hand on Dean’s face, we pause. We realize ‘Dean’s ring’…is mom’s ring.