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You made me the happiest ,yet the saddest. You made me smile but you also made me cry, you made me the strongest and the weakest. You destr...
when Canadians actually say “eh”
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me trying to get my grades up
me uploads mine dylantrust
When the whole squad looks good
No matter how badly you mess up Benedoozle Cumberbombs name, people will still know who you’re talking about
"I’m not homophobic because it means you’re scared of gay people and I’m not scared of gay peop-"
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when your mother repeats what you have to do a thousand times
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That old ravioli commercial where the kid would want a can while they were at the store but the mom made them put it back then the can would throw itself on the ground and rolled to their house. The mom would just cook it as if it’s not weird that a can if ravioli just showed up in their house
I used to pull all-nighters but now I can barely pull all-dayers
i haven’t done anything but i sure could use a break
friend: omg guess what happened today!me: what?friend: no, guess.me: 
when you say goodbye to bae but you already miss them
Hi I'm a piece of shit welcome to my blog
when you receive too many messages at once