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yuzuru hanyu Evgeni Plushenko they are my new favorite thing is there a word for it? I mean it's neither a ship nor a bromance so...
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What tumblr is like for people who don't watch E3
I Love LA (Full Song)
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  • Microsoft:Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Usher!
  • Sony:Here's some games I guess? Also please buy our Move... Please... Someone buy the Move...
  • Ubisoft:We got zombies and hopefully you got hype about that one game?
  • Nintendo:GAMES.
  • Nintendo:GAAAAAAMES.
  • (Reggie's mouth opens far wider than a human's should and he begins shooting Wii Us out of his gaping maw. Members of the audience scramble to gather them up. He tears open his shirt, revealing a cannon embedded into his chest that fires game after game after game.)
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