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food sleep poop etc. i'm really hungry that and eating food on a cheat day or eating food in general I mean food is love food is life right? but it's too late to eat I'm like an old lady I have a schedule for everything but I really want something sweet right now like a date the fruit of course although an actual date would be nice too cause we would go eat somewhere
Tom Hiddleston @ vanity fair snapchat eating doughnuts
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compulsive lying is a defense mechanism, not a method of manipulation
Living with Bipolar Disorder  (via https://www.youtube.com/w...
why chloe moretz eating spaghetti from wooden boxes?why everyone lookin in the camera??WHY SOME DUDE...
Congratulations If...
You got out of bed today.You did your dishes or dirty laundry.You finished some homework you’ve been putting off.You cleaned up around your home/apartment/dorm etc.You resisted temptation in any form.You found a reason to smile.Little victories are worth celebrating!!
Steve Rogers sam wilson marveledit steverogersedit *marvelgif samwilsonedit i tag the characters because btw steve looks ridiculous sam eating is good. very good
  • person:why are you sad?
  • me:i don't know
  • person:no reason?
  • me:oh no there are plenty of reasons,i'm just not sure which one it is this time.
mygifs Demi Lovato depressed depression sad suicidal pain hurt b&w broken lovatic sadness blackandwhite heartbreak low self esteem mental health depressive mental disorder selfhate stone cold demi lovate
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viñetas traducciones mr lovenstein
You’re Still Okay If...
you like to spend time with yourselfyou don’t have a lot of close friendsyou have frequent panic attacksyou cry at random timesyou need to take napsyou feel sad oftenyou feel lonelyyou have a mental illness
love depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely hurt eating disorder alone hate fat crying self harm self hate harm ugly anorexia nothing upset sadness not good enough worthless loneliness mental illness heartbreak numb disgusting unwanted unloved
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