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  • Me:So, let's say that you're at school and you see a guy you know. I mean, you guys talk every once in a while and he's pretty cool, but you're not like friends or anything. You just talk to him every once in a while.
  • Guy Friend:What's his name?
  • Me:I don't know. Frank?
  • Guy Friend:No.
  • Me:Okay, fine. His name is Will. Okay?
  • Guy Friend:I don't think it really suits him, but okay.
  • Me:...So anyway, you're at school during lunchtime and you see Will. So, you notice Will's not eating anything. That's when you realize that Will has no lunch, no money for lunch, and no way of getting either. He's just sitting there like he normally would. He's not acting any differently and he's not asking anyone for anything. Not money, not a fry, not even a salt packet, but you know he's gotta be hungry. So, what do you do?
  • Guy Friend:Do I have any money?
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presented with minimal commentary i hate geography and yet this bothers me the fact that everyone calls us america WE ARE A PART OF AMERICA WE ARE A PART NOT THE WHOLE if i get called unpatriotic i s2g i will go hulk smash on someone sometimes i'm proud of the progress we've made as a country but other times i cringe and i believe my heart lives in other places love this country if you want just don't be blinded by ignorance graphic is not mine! a friend posted it on facebook and i merely posted it here if you made this please tell me so i can give you proper credit