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I often wonder how many more scientists we’d have if we congratulated kids for working hard rather than praising them for being smart. We need to get rid of the myth that science is only accessible to an intellectual elite.
  • 4th grader:why is there a hashtag sign in front of the F sharp?
  • me:that's not a hashtag. that's the sharp sign. that's what makes it F sharp.
  • 4th grader:no. it's a hashtag sign, like in texting. like if i said #susieforpresident.
PSA: Abstinence-only sex education does not work
Evidence hereMore evidenceFurther evidenceEvidence in chart form States with abstinence-only education also have highest teen birth rate An academic studyAnother academic study Yet another study Watch out even more academiaA full-fledged REPORTPlease tell your friends/representatives
Some rapists seriously do not even know that they are rapists. They will brag and talk about their sex stories and not realize that what they are describing is actually rape. Rapists think “going out and to find and have sex with wasted girls” is consensual, that putting your hands in someone’s pant...
In a recent experiment, students who learned about the struggles and failed experiments of some of the greatest scientists who ever lived got significantly better grades than those...
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  • usa:lets make our universities ridiculously expensive, right?
  • usa:and then, make most students dependent on loans we give them, you following?
  • usa:ok, then, we have a max amount of loans students can withdrawal, haha.
  • usa:but that max amount doesn't have to cover the real cost of an education ;)
  • usa:so they are either forced to quit and take up a job that will never cover the cost of their loans in time for them to take out more to attend school again
  • usa:OR they will be forced to beg the private sector for loans even worse than ours
  • usa:and if their credit is terrible because of the loans they took out from us, and they have no cosigner, they're gonna' get stuck in low paying jobs anyway, and get stuck paying us for life
  • usa:hahahahaha. i'm fuckin funny.
I think self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.
My external attitude 100% of the time:My internal monologue 100% of the time:
God’s ‘The Bible’
In God’s ‘The Bible’, the main character Jesus is a very important person.
Educate yourself. When a question about a certain topic pops up, google it. Watch movies and documentaries. When something sparks your inter...
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9 shocking facts about the student loan debt crisis1. Public college tuition in the United States was 3.22 times more expensive compared to 1985 adjusted for inflation.2. Meanwhile, the cost of college textbooks has seen a 1,041% increase since 1977 — three times the rate of inflation. 3. The averag...
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No wonder he died.
Thomas Jefferson wasn’t even important. No wonder he died.
psa to people who menstruate
- The reason you get extra hungry before and during your period is because your body is physically burning more calories, sometimes as many as 300 more per day for the duration of your period, with an elevated BMR (base metabolic rate) in the days before it starts. So no, you’re not being weird or g...
NO ONE should be scared to go get their education
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