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Reblog this post if you want a pokemon egg
Make sure your submit boxes are open so you can receive the egg. The pokemon will be completely random.
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Egg, how mysteriously curved, a weeble-wobble of countless possibility. You eggcite my heart when the yolk starts To run. Through my veins.
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So yesterday I got bored so I made a Facebook account for an egg And I friended a bunch of my friends and some strangers and posted some really dumb Facebook updates And people started messaging me so I responded And one person proposed to me And then she blocked me so I made a status ab...
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i cannot believe
because you got this good shit right herebut then it pans up and you getthis fucking EGG i can’t do this
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Regarding The Mystery Egg Problem
Alright, so y’all have been freaking out over this weird Bad Egg-like situation, and for now, I’m going to tell you there is nothing to worry about. We only have two reported casesthat provided proof. One is a from a Japanese person we don’t know much of anything about. The other -...
Reblog this before APRIL 18 for a Pokemon egg
I’m really bored… So if you reblog this, I will send you an egg like this Within a day or two, it’ll hatch an I’ll use a random Pokemon generator to pick a Pokemon. ((If you want a specific Generation or DON’T want a specific Generation, just put it in the tags. Please...
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Gyaru Revolution: RIP egg magazine (1995-2014)
The announcement that pioneering Japanese girl fashion magazine egg will cease publication in May 2014 hits like yet another blow of bad news in a year of bad news. First, men’s egg stops publishing, then Koakuma ageha, now…no…not egg, please not egg! Alas, this too has come to pass… The leg...
redraw of that one egg girl I did a year or two ago.
In other news, it’s national egg day