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It was a huge turning point. The introduction of Lexa and [of] Clarke’s bisexuality definitely gained a lot of respect [from critics] for pu...
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sleeping by myself curled up like a question mark come and answer me
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miles and miles away at the exact moment mrs maheswaran confiscated rose’s sword
While the men in Hamilton are prime examples of the seven deadly sins (Hamilton’s pride, Burr’s envy, I could go on), Eliza in particular is...
ok so once in class i was blogging and there was a girl infront of me who was scrolling down her dash and i realised she followed me coz all of my posts were on her dash anyway i made a textpost that was like  turn around if you are in room N301 and she turned around and i just looked at her and her...
general rule of thumb: history was gayer than you have been led to believe
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