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*Well, I’m kind of obsessed with these. ? I didn’t make any of them, here are the original posts: phoenix | phoenix #2 | aqua | aura | blown away | flora | free | stella | storm I’d make one, but I can’t edit to save my life shoutout to stormyhale and nikston fo...
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Elsa Hosk
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HEY so since Frozen is getting a sequel, lets try something. One amazingly large step for the world would be to have the first gay Disney main character and since Elsa is almost bound to find love in the sequel how cool would it be for her to be that first step to a world that is accepting towards a...
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Elsa: *laughs* Very persuasive. I’ll have to put you in charge of the new peace treaties with the Southern Isles. Anna: Let’s not get crazy here.
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