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imagine elves with freckles being looked upon with wonder and amazement because it is said that they are born with stars on their skin
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  • Imagine Merrill:as your diplomat, apologising for what a terrible mess we're in and suggesting that you patch up the problem with a spot of tea and hugs.
  • Imagine Zevran:as your spymaster, who at every given opportunity will suggest sending assassins. Orlesian nobles having a land dispute in rift-ridden territory? Assassins. Chantry priests blaspheming your name and ruining your reputation? Assassins. Bears? Assassins.
  • Imagine Fenris:as your alarmingly grumpy commander, who never has had enough coffee and continuously has to put up with these two and their antics all day, and who counters every ridiculous suggestion of yours with a very curt: 'No'.
*blows a kiss into the forest* for the elves
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Current emotion: elves
  • reading lord of the rings:wow elves are so intelligent and talented and never get killed
  • reading the silmarillion:wait no
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And of course Hermione thanked the house elves.
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