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You know those cages our parents used to use to keep us out of rooms? This kid's got the right idea.
Walk away like a BOSS
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let us pray that 2014 will bring upon the end of white girls wearing bindis to be ~*edgy*~
When you first join Tumblr it seems like a nice blog site where you can reblog pretty pictures but eventually you find things you’re interested in and start going to that side then you join multiple fandoms and get sucked into the dark abyss of blogging and it takes over your life and slowly k...
Harry trying to draw on Pitbull’s head.  Didn’t see that coming. 
television nbc hannibal hannibal lecter will graham Jack Crawford alana bloom [amplified gagging noises] What did we tell you about these cages? Get used to them...
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Where is a slowed down gif of when Sherlock basically spreads himself for the camera when he was talking to Mycroft? I fucking know one of y...
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