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friendly reminder that getting into someone’s mind and distorting his perception is Naomi’s signature move, has never been Crowley’s. He didn’t do it. She did.
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THEORY TIME: you know how benevolent cherubs have Hope-like wings? well, what if malevolent cherubs have Rage-like wings???
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I’m sorry but if finchel is involved in teenage dream in any way
The Swimming Anime is happening!  Wow!  I found this on a Ja...
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1k sherlock mygif i dedicate this number 2 all the speculation that's been happening these past few days u go sherlock fandom that's how to be creative proud of u sherlock fandom
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Ep. 301 - Valar Dohaeris Ep. 302 - Dark Wings, Dark Words Ep. 303 - Walk of Punishment Ep. 304 - And Now His Watch is Ended Ep. 305 - Kissed by Fire Ep. 306 - to be determined Ep. ...
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3x18 Episode Description
[[MORE]] Domestic violence affects students and teachers at McKinley. Rachel and Kurt prepare for their all-important NYADA auditions, they get news that could send all their well-laid plans into a tailspin.
Blaine’s Eyes of Sadness were like Adele and Sarah McLachlan serenading blind, amputee orphans and homeless corgis on a sinking ship in the ...
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