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Eurovision is great
singing grannies wtf pointy hats and unicycles …i dont know Lordi won it girls kissing boys kissing unshaven ladies men in sparkly undies everyone’s invited, unless you’re not in Europe
eurovision ESC eurovision song contest eurovision 2014 esc 2014 eurovision song contest 2014
  • *confetti goes everywhere*
  • Graham norton:It's like the gay wedding I'll never have
u up for some TELETUBBIES DISCO BITCHES?????????/
My Moustache is crying
Eurovision, a summary
the rest of the world is like “what is eurovision we don’t understand” but europe doesn’t either. why is a woman churning butter onstage. WE DONT KNOW. why has italy brought back julius caesar. WE DONT KNOW THAT EITHER. it’s so beautiful.
to summarise the 2014 eurovision
tick tock this is a clock hamster ball the wiggles guest appearance wtf circle piano cheesecake po[rn]land conchita wurst #joinusinthe21stcentury hon hon hon baguette eiffel tower MOUSTACHE FINELAND mumford malta and sons in denmark they don’t say ‘i love you’ they say ‘‘scoubibidawtatilita’ graham ...
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So the guy who gave the points from The Netherlands yes this blonde guy a lot of you were asking who he is. He is a Dutch singer, 26 years old, named Tim Douwsma.People are sending him messages on Twitter from all over the world since yesterday and they are calling him “the hot guy from Hol...
Aren’t we talking about the Austrian contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest Conchita Wurst already? Why not? I mean look at that person not giving a fuck about your gender rules And then there’s this voice I’m in for Conchita to win Eurovision 2014
  • Every country:let's talk in English even though it's not our mother tongue just to be nice
  • France:no
I have arms like a man, face like a girl, and also the beard, and I told them […] that there are people out there who are in between, ...
  • *French representative stood in front of the Eiffel Tower*
  • Graham Norton:I wonder which city he's in, it's so hard to tell.
imagine a middle-earth eurovision au 
  • Ukraine:Hamster guy.
  • Belarus:Cheesecake.
  • Azerbaijan:Cool dancer in the air.
  • Iceland:Teletubbies.
  • Norway:Sad looking guy.
  • Romania:Guy in a round piano.
  • Armenia:Not Alone sang by alone guy on stage.
  • Montenegro:Super tall guy and girl on skates.
  • ...
last place hERE WE COME