• evansedit •
1k gifs edits 5k jimmy fallon Chris Evans chris pratt marvelcastedit evansedit prattedit chris evans is magical
Captain America Chris Evans Captain America: The Winter Soldier marveledit evansedit chrisevansgif ce: film ce: the winter soldier
Chris Evans 10000 marvelcastedit evansedit chrisevansgif ce: 2014 ice bucket challenge ce: other
1k mine Chris Evans Steve Rogers long post Captain America: The Winter Soldier Queue Continuum marveledit Marvel cast captainamericaedit marvelcastedit evansedit steverogersedit p: chris evans mov: captain america the winter soldier tws gag reel just watch the video it's hilarious chris and anthony are a gift
mygifs Chris Evans betty white marvelcastedit evansedit pca15 adorable x1000000000
1k bts 10k Chris Evans Captain America: The First Avenger marveledit capedit you fucking meatball evansedit *gif 3 he's kneeling on a crate to appear shorter and he looks so precious idek
* 5k Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth chemsedit marvelcastedit evansedit
1k 10k Chris Evans Avengerscastedit you fucking meatball evansedit *gif 3 fuck you're so cute aou interviews
1k Chris Evans i just I'm so sorry for this captainamericass marvelcastedit evansedit minemarvelcast minece falconbigbutt see i told u i would tag u in shit aHAHAHAHa these are getting so old but i really love the left boob ok
* 10k Chris Evans chris pratt comic con *chrisevans press junket Marvel cast marvelcastedit evansedit chrisis *comiccon evans x pratt
myedit The Avengers Chris Evans Steve Rogers steve marveledit age of ultron captainamericaedit evansedit aou spoilers ? i watched the avengers with my friend last night and we were laughing about this i am being 1000% sarcastic about the character development thing btw since some of you are crying about it
* mygif Chris Evans evansedit he's so *choir of angels singing*
myedit Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth chemsedit marvelcastedit evansedit aou press
* Chris Evans anxiety cw evansedit this is very calming 2 me
myedit robert downey jr Chris Evans sdcc Dorito rdjedit marvelcastedit evansedit
gif * Chris Evans anthony mackie evansedit mackieedit EVANS CHOSE BELLE MY FAVORITE
1k 10k Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Avengerscastedit you fucking meatball chemsedit evansedit *gif 3 aou interviews i'm so????? fuckiNG DONE???? WITH THESE TWO???? big hulking chunk of sunshine
1k my gifs mine 5k 2k 10k Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth 20k chris evans gifs chris hemsworth gifs Marvel cast marvelcastedit hemsworthedit evansedit sdcc 2014 goddammit you two I'M HAVING A CHRISIS AND YOU ARE NOT HELPING
* omg Chris Evans marvelcastedit evansedit
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