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I’m not even sure which one I’m more like
I’m watching Bratz movie.. This is too much
We Are Never Ever Getting Bad Blood (Mashup)
Taylor Swift  1989 is Red
This time I’m telling I’m telling you ‘cause baby now we got b...
my fave greek history story to tell is that of agnodice. like she noticed that women were dying a lot during childbirth so she went to egypt to study medicine in alexandria and was really fucking good but b/c it was illegal for women to be doctors in athens she had to pretend to be a man. and then t...
m comedy Lee Lin Chin the feed
mine Personal spongebob patrick snapchat
shenanigans I JUST... LOVE PETS.........
I’m crying 
1k 5k this makes me happy cause it makes it feel like important information
disney princesses frozen Villains Princess Anna frozen 2013 queen elsa frozen fanart
they saw it puzzled over it and KEPT it
Mcdonalds worker:“I’m a magician &  can make...
m 5k 10k
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