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waving at someone you thought was waving at you
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1k exo exo m gif: all Kris Chen gif: exo m exo's showtime what are you doing chen? i downloaded the entire episode just to gif this omg this better be worth it lmao okay this is worth it omg how did the notes get to this?!?!
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5th giveaway
Hello everyone, To support sm, (whose stocks are declining rapiedly) and Exo (who we badly need to support) I teamed up with my parents and ordered 35 overdose albums. 20 m versions and 15 k versions. And no this is not the end because I will be trying my best to buy as much merch as possible,...
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  • Benefits of being an international fan:
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  • You:hey could you sign my albu-
  • Band member:oh my god it's you. You're that girl that has a blog about me and my bandmates. I stalk you most of the time whenever we have breaks during practices. I finally got to meet you in person ohmygod this is the best day of my life. I edit our selcas together so it would look like we're actually together. Wait i have it in my wallet. I hope you're not creeped out. It's just that i really like you and what i'm trying to say is that i love you please marry me.
  • You:wat
  • Band member:
  • You:
  • Band member:
  • You:
  • Band member:
  • ...
exo Key onew shinee taemin he's so done following up the jonghyun one cause i'm shameless
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