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animals animal cruelty vegan veganism animal liberation vegetarian Vegetarianism carnist govegan carnism kentucky fried cruelty vegan post
books rec post
bullshit comic nerd rpg webcomic no geek exposure not cool art theft nerd culture exploitation stealing thinkgeek think geek d&d unethical unpaid exploit bad business no permission unattributed stolen content stealing content wedontworkforfree notyourcontent generateyourowncontent lame apology die from exposure work for exposure
Captain America sonic the hedgehog bucky barnes winter soldier sam wilson
feminist feminism Jada Pinkett Smith womanism black feminism black feminist human trafficing sex trafficking child sexual abuse womanist child exploitation csa tw trafficking tw child traficking EndSexTrafficking
gif protest US USA un capitalism slavery march Haiti 2015 invasion Dictatorship imperialism exploitation corporatism Occupation anti-imperialism anti-american port-au-prince
twitter work capitalism jobs exploitation anti capitalism americawakiewakie america-wakiewakie
luxury elite exploitation labor socioeconomic class
Racism brazil Interracial genocide whitening afro brazilian black race
Ecuador is planning to auction off three million of the country’s 8.1 million hectares of pristine Amazonian rainforest to Chinese oil companies, Jonathan Kaiman of The Guard...
vegan veganism India speciesism vegan activists
television news poverty reality tv arts cbs exploitation the briefcase poor Americans
Last year a fellow PhD student committed suicide after being harassed by a lecturer. I got angry and made this site. This site is a response...
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gazi gazi kodzo
graphics nike Brands culture walmart social media race Coca-Cola black history month slideshow black hair care taiye selasi BrandingBlack
art architecture
Racism white people bell hooks saved by the bell zack morris White supremacy iconoclasm examining privilege racist exploitation
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