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love religion lgbtq America news race john cena fourth of july patriotism july 4th identities
dog cute fluffy puppy puppies dogs fuzzy baby animals poisé tiny Pose those eyes cute puppies
:) selfie bee is has been so long since I have drawn selfie bee!! but yesterday I was walking past some laughing teenagers and my old laughing teenager fears came back to life they are so powerful our neighbor has kittens!! like her cat gave birth to them not the neighbour I saw pictures and they have EXTREMELY TINY TOE BEANS I can visit them this week!! they have blue eyes! they all already have a promised home but they will stay with the mom cat for a long time this will be a very good summer
gif LOL mine malec shadowhunters nephilimdaily shadowhuntersedit matthewdaddaryo hasley dailymalec LOOK WHO GIFFED
kitty cute hipster indie Grunge
MY EDIT gifs* txf Fox Mulder xfedit
homestuck snowman My art humanstuck the felt panel redraw I love that hat to this day it's a damn shame I have nowhere to wear it pls fullview I am a proud
1k weapons SU steven universe Believe In Steven eyes // hands// su pearl steven quartz universe hamboningdraws
Black and White eyes quotes creepy hell horror alone crazy dark world morbid humanity nightmare murder mask darkness cigarette loneliness spooky Terrible terror psycho horrible psychopath the face of another
playing around a little more with sketchup!! ...and went a little overboard...looks into the sun still kind of messy but got a little too lazy to finish coloring everything recently i've been drawing a lot of water and...it's probably because i've finally gotten around to taking the swim test recent for graduati ng!!! hahaha i put it off for four years..averts my eyes..anyways it went well!! thought i forgot how to swim but it was all good
1k game of thrones gotedit gotjonsnow gottyrionlannister gotdaenerystargaryen iheartgot
It’s the best time of year! The first baby bison of spring w...
my gifs MY EDIT star wars q rey swedit swgifs gtkmm starwarsedit daisy ridley reyedit FYSW The Force Awakens tfaedit
Illustration gifs eyes artwork animation artists on tumblr Rose Wong grumpybert
eyes makeup
“Even now I lie awake knowing history has its eyes on me&hel...
mine: gif alec lightwood shadowhunters aleclightwoodedit shadowhuntersedit matthew daddario
eyes hipster boho indie pastel chill Alternative pale
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