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* gaming 1000 500 microsoft fable 3 fable *fable fable 2 fable 2's start up screen is a pain in ass to gif there's too much movement and the colour loss is horrific
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Things Fable II included 6 years ago without any fuss, so why does every other video game developer ...
NPCs that can be straight, gay, and bisexual Player characters that can romance any gender Player characters that can marry any gender Polysexual PCs can woo as many NPCs at once as they want, and marry multiple people at once (who may or may not be upset about it, but still) If you prefer not to ro...
Non rinunciare solo perché le cose sono difficili.
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Playing a game with a morality system
Me: alright I’m totally gonna be evil this time *makes one evil choice* Me: oh my god oh my god oh mY GOD I’M SO SORRY THAT WAS SO MEAN IM A HORRIBLE PERSON MY MOTHER DID NOT RAISE ME LIKE THIS SHE’D BE SO DISAPPOINTED *restarts game*
gaming music video game music 8tracks because why the hell not my music mixes it started out as wanting to merge my 2 other video game music lists and just evolved into 4 hours
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