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My phone is literally always in my hand so if you think I am ignoring you, I am
This is coolGo here and take a face memory test. Average is 80% and face blindness comes in at around 50%. I got 99%. XD That’s probably predictable since I spend so much time drawing faces. I think it would be interesting to see how portrait artists fare compared to the rest of the population. 
Since Tumblr cannot tell racism apart from sharing culture, I would like to point something out. This is yellowface:This is not:This is blackface:This is not:*color*face is the intentional mockery of a race by imitating an epitomized and perceived stereotype,typically for comedy purposes. *color*fac...
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Spoiler steven universe peridot su spoilers su spoiler it could've been great gem crush saga i love steven face here!
To feel. To trust the feeling. I long for that.
Regina’s *Emma* Face 5a
For my fellow collectors of Regina’s *Emma* face, I present to you: The Masterpost5x01“We’re taking the tornado to Emma” - look“Emma’s baby blanket feelings”-  look“Don’t let the darkness consume you” - look“I know darkness my darling” - look“Emma handing over control of her life to Regina” - look“I...
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