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  • Zayn:lol lms if you think i'm pretty xx
  • Harry:anyone wanna hang out gettin' shitfaced tonight ;)
  • Niall:starvin lol there's no food in the house, someone order me some nando's
  • Liam:rescued a lost puppy today hehe look how cute he is i'm gonna name him Bubbles
  • Louis:dis bitch think she can talk behind my back without me finding out girl I will cutchu, you're rude, you're tacky, goodbye
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Post status on facebook, wait 5 seconds, no one likes it...
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Just some websites where you can fake texts for iPhone, status from Facebook and stuff like that. Fake iPhone text generatorFake iPhone text generator (iOS7)Fake tweetFake direct message (Twitter) Fake Facebook statusFake Facebook chatFake Android text
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So did you guys end up saving uganda?
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