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  • Teen:*uploads photo*
  • Middle Aged Mother:omg you look so much like your mother did!!! I remember when I was changing your underwear!! Haha!! Send all my love to everyone - Betsy and Peter
  • Second Middle Aged Mother:Wow [tags mother of teen] you have raised a charmer!! Fathers lock your sons up!! Stunning X - LuAnn
  • Mother of Teen:Haha girls it was nothing on what we were up to back in '86!! Martini Mondays! Maybe we should do TWERK Thursdays and WHATEVER Wednesdays, Y-O-L-O ! - Janice and Stephen
  • Middle Aged Mothers:*universally cackle whilst pouring another glass of wine, a LARGE one at that*
  • Teen:*internally explodes*
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Das Leben hat vier Sinne: Lieben, Leiden, Kämpfen und Gewinnen. Wer liebt, leidet irgendwann. Wer leidet, kämpft. Und wer kämpft, gewinnt.
  • Zayn:lol lms if you think i'm pretty xx
  • Harry:anyone wanna hang out gettin' shitfaced tonight ;)
  • Niall:starvin lol there's no food in the house, someone order me some nando's
  • Liam:rescued a lost puppy today hehe look how cute he is i'm gonna name him Bubbles
  • Louis:dis bitch think she can talk behind my back without me finding out girl I will cutchu, you're rude, you're tacky, goodbye
El único sitio web que debería tener limite de publicaciones es Facebook.
Facebook vs Tumblr - Frozen edition
Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook: Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr: Someone sends you a Facebook message: Someone writes in your Tumblr askbox: Loses a friend on Facebook: Loses a follower on Tumblr: Error on Facebook: Error on Tumblr: Scrolling through Facebook: ...
Facebook vs Tumblr
Cuando alguien que no conoces te agrega a Facebook: Cuando alguien que no conoces te sigue en Tumblr: Cuando alguien te manda un mensaje por Facebook:Cuando alguien te manda un ask por Tumblr:Cuando pierdes un amigo en Facebook:Cuando pierdes un seguidor en Tumblr:Un error en Facebook:Un error en Tu...
Razones por las que Tumblr es mejor que Facebook
En Facebook suben la foto de una montaña rusa En Tumblr nos subimos a la montaña rusa
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