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exo Lay Chen baekhyun zhang yixing kim jongdae byun baekhyun crck exo fake subs ok remember the flappy bird fake subs thing i made last week this is the last one i'll make okay this scene was just on my mind a lot this week maybe wdl?? idk what's funny anymore and what is not i laugh at everything nowadays so
my gifs coldplay butts Guy Berryman chris martin a little berrytin ok this is not funny at all except for the last gif that one makes me laugh oh and it's obviously fake ok
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Fake geek girl?
I like running.  That makes me a runner. I like knitting.  That makes me a knitter. I like reading.  That makes me a reader. I like playing video games.  That makes me a gamer. I like nerdy stuff.  That makes me a nerd. I identify with my hobbies and my interests because they are important to me.  Y...
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