• fake laugh •
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Smile so the tears don’t show, laugh like you don’t hurt at all. Fake it so he will never know, that you still haven’t let...
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depression sad lonely hurt fake laugh
mygifs Black and White life depressed depression suicidal pain hurt kelly clarkson b&w dark laugh smile hide fake force Lying lie fake smile hiding fake a smile b&w gif faking forced ies
exo Lay Chen baekhyun zhang yixing kim jongdae byun baekhyun crck exo fake subs ok remember the flappy bird fake subs thing i made last week this is the last one i'll make okay this scene was just on my mind a lot this week maybe wdl?? idk what's funny anymore and what is not i laugh at everything nowadays so
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my gifs coldplay butts Guy Berryman chris martin a little berrytin ok this is not funny at all except for the last gif that one makes me laugh oh and it's obviously fake ok
* doctor who Arthur Darvill Rory Williams rory pond over1k by hipster-rawry dwedit even the photographer was laughing because Arthur make people laugh without doing anything
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gif mine janoskians jai brooks beau brooks luke brooks the janoskians i laugh so hard at this omg
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