• fake •
don’t fake your own death, folks
fake ass post:
tumbrl user 1: i wish i could make money by beign onnn my computer XD TUMblr user 2: I MADE $50 IN ONE DAY USING THIS SKETCHY ASS WEBSITE ITS LEGIT THO I BPROMISE tumbrl user 1: OMG TAHNK U SO MUCH I JUST MADE $300,090
harry potter is FAKE
set in the 90s but there were 0 (zero) chokers or butterfly clips explain to me This
depressed depression sad sleep tired anxiety alone b&w help crying exhausted tears scars depressing help me depressive Ignore Fake Friends fake smile fake laugh mentally ill mental ilness loneley
my post txtxt
everyone here is so fake
you’re all uwu gotta stay hydrated uwu gotta drink 10 bottles of water every day but the moment i suggest that we should drink up the entire loch ness to find out if nessie is real it’s suddenly not that important to stay hydrated anymore
people get fake when shit gets real
proof that the sun is fake
if the sun is real then y is it winter and the snow cold my house and i am crying????? nice try atheists
people lonely quotes alone Fake Friends
bhhkll bbjlm
art quote quotes painting MY EDIT Fake Friends people are temporary
mine friends rachel green ross geller gif* friendsedit smh fake as hell
happy sad indie Grunge happiness bad fake sadness worst