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I’m so out of love with you. I’ve got nothing left for you, nothing, nothing. Nothing, there is nothing here for you.
To my one day daughter; I know you’ll fall in love with a boy who will see through you and never quite look at you. I know you’...
* gifs the walking dead twdedit Alanna Masterson tara chambler i'm falling hard into a pit of love for you and i can't get out pls help
Never Saw It Coming
Tigers Jaw  Tigers Jaw
I learned a lot about falling in love when I fell out of love. I learned a lot ...
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art dave/jade one of the homestuck relationships that i care about goodjob fanart and fanfiction you got me falling in love with them all over again
10 ways of falling in love with Allah (swt)
"10 ways of falling in love with Allah (swt) 1. Read the Quran and contemplate 2. Fard deeds followed by sunnah deeds 3. Continuously remember Him 4. Prefer Allah over anyone/thing you love. 5. 99 names of Allah - Learn them & Use them. 6. Think of Allah’s mercy, greatness, love, and forg...
Yes, I’m afraid offalling in love.Okay?You make me feel like I’mon top of the worldand that’s a very long wayto fall.
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This explains the afterward of every concert.
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Newsflash: If a strong, independent female character falls in love, it does not automatically mean that she has lost her values or that she’s become less strong and independent, and does not necessarily change her story into an anti-feminist one. The idea that all women should fall in love and...
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"Falling for someone is the worst." She says. "It’s sunshine and butterflies and storms and rain all mixed together and rammed down your t...
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