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Breaking out of Arkham like...
My art dragon age please accept my doodles of floating heads squeaks and hides da overflows with flirty rogues and angry/stoic warriors and this is all i need in life honestly
me trying to do stealth in a video game: fuCK fhi s SHITTING FICK!!!!! HOw did he see me?????? I FUCKING hate this game I HATE STEALTH!!!!!!!! I HAYE MY LIFEme after completing it: Haha there I go again, pro gamer! As long as you’re a smart kid like me, you can do anything! I love stealth, it really...
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* dragon age daedits dragon age inquisition gamingedit misc: inquisc w-wtf is this i shouldn't edit at 2 in the morning orz i put my card in defense mode ending my turn
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* disney the lion king ohana means family family is my favourite aspect of disney movies AND FAMILY MEANS NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND
My art lots of feels tachibana family nanase family chubby chibies x3 matsuoka family hazuki family ryugazaki family this one has a lot of my headcanon specially Rin's mother loved doing Nagisa's sisters Mama and Papa Nanase are proud parents