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Zodiacs in the tumblr fandoms.
Aries: AvengersTaurus: Adventure TimeGemini: Doctor WhoCancer: HetaliaLeo: HomestuckVirgo: PokémonLibra: SupernaturalScorpio: SherlockSagittarius: Hunger GamesCapricorn: Harry PotterAquarius: AvatarPisces: My little Pony 
If Jack Sparrow is Shipping, Mushu is Fandoms
Fandoms that have had a long break: Fandoms that were all but dead, then came back: Introducing someone New to your Fandom: Watching them slowly become part of you Fandom: When someone insults your Fandom: When someone Likes a Fandom you don’t: When Fandom Wars Start: When another Fand...
  • Doctor Who:Whovians
  • Sherlock:Sherlockians
  • Supernatural:Emotionally unstable.
When Fandoms Become Characters:
Doctor Who: Sherlock:
excuse me Is this where I sign into the fandom? HA, I see you have a ship! I have one too! They’re very non-canon and… shi- fuckiinasghjdklk IM I cant
really though i dont care if youre mspaintadventures sherlock avengers harry potter wreck-it ralph my little pony disney doctor who hunger games any anime fandom OR EVEN GOD DAMN THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE respect eACH OTHER GOD DAMN WE ALL LIVE IN THE SAME BLUE BOX LABELED TUMBLR dONT KILL EACH OTHER b...
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Supernatural, basically:
Most depressing show ever. Happiest cast ever.
I don’t understand people who don’t like new fans. When I meet someone who is new to one of my fandoms, my first instinct is to be like “HERE HAVE EVERY BOOK, ARTICLE, AND FANFICTION EVER WRITTEN AND ALSO WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF EVERY SCENE/EPISODE/SONG AND ALSO HOW DO YOU F...
Hi there, Fandoms
I’m going to keep this as simple as possible: I need your help. Yes, you, right there in front of the screen. Your help. Do you love books? If your answer was “Yes!” (allowing for varying levels of enthusiasm), you should keep reading. If your answer was “No,” you should still keep reading. The abbr...
just a quick reminder that every fandom has its annoying members every fandom has its rabid members every fandom has its offensive members but also that doesn’t mean the whole fandom is rabid, annoying or offensive the majority tend to like the thing and like blogging about the thing don’...
I don’t think that we talk about leaving fandoms enough on this website. It is okay to leave a fandom if it becomes toxic, if it no longer inspires you, if you have no interest in it.  That’s important.  It’s okay to let things go when they no longer carry any reason for you.
Did you know: you can ship gay pairings without fetishizing homosexuality you can ship straight pairings without being homophobic you can ship whatever you want you can not ship anything at all none of these make you a bad fan TELLING OTHERS WHAT TO DO AND GENERALLY BEING A DICK MAKES YOU A BAD FAN
Shit Every Fandom Has: Fanfic Writers Gifmakers: Photoshoppers: Those kids who come out with the most hilarious shit and everybody dies laughing And the ones who are just too overwhelmed with feels to discover their hidden talents; secretly they can probably do some kind of awesome stuff but the...
doctor who Thor avengers fandoms are you ok
  • Avengers:Anyone's name that is Coulson or Phil, especially if someone's name is Phil Coulson.
  • Supernatural:Hunting and Dad should never be used in the same sentence.
  • Sherlock:"Go jump off a cliff" Anything remotely involving jumping or falling. Be careful of where you put your smiley faces and skulls. DO NOT SAY STEVEN MOFFAT.
  • Doctor Who:"Hey, who turned out the lights?" "Don't even blink." "I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry." "I don't want to go." Do not mention "rose" and 10 in the same sentence, mentioning people named Donna, Martha, Amelia (Amy), Sarah Jane, and Rose is equally upsetting. Don't talk about ponds. DO NOT SAY STEVEN MOFFAT.
Current State of Fandoms (least from what I've observed)
Homestuck: Hetalia: Sherlock: Doctor Who/Supernatural: Meanwhile with the rest of Tumblr…
  • House:Everybody lies.
  • Supernatural:Everybody dies.
  • Doctor Who:Everybody cries.
  • Sherlock:Everybody denies.
  • Avengers:Loki you little shit.
  • Sherlock:You enjoy suffering
  • Doctor Who:You enjoy suffering
  • Supernatural:You enjoy suffering
  • Merlin:You enjoy suffering
  • Torchwood:You enjoy suffering
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit:You enjoy suffering
  • Sports:You enjoy suffering
  • Avatar/Korra:You enjoy suffering
  • ...