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Reblog if you too write fanfictions in your head but can't put them on paper because your brain is w...
Finding a well written smut fic
So they’re trying to pass a thing that makes fanfictions, fanart, fanpages, covers of songs, etc, etc ILLEGAL!!! I figure tumblr is the best place to post this We need 100,000 signatures by Wednesday and we only need less than 24,000 more!! WE GOT THIS GUYS!!!!! REBLOG THIS AS MUCH AS POSS...
exo exo m Luhan Minseok xiumin xiuhan lumin otp please stop dirty-chatting during official events there are not enough fanfictions about it in the web
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction liam payne 1D nml onedirectiongif sorry they're so choppy it's my recorder!!! D: they know now why would you send them those though
myart naruto sasuke uchiha sasusaku Sakura Haruno i can't use screentones...
1k disney Unpopular frozen by angelic37 kristoff Disneyedit queen elsa frozenedit kristelsa there is a serious lack of fanfictions and fanarts for this pairing when really I was expecting it to happen when I saw how in love kristoff was with her castle! kristoff x elsa
Benedict Cumberbatch MTV
art mine comic Fairy Tail ft Gray X Juvia Gruvia this took me two days. im exhausted and happy
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homestuck Rose Lalonde rose i love her so much please stop interpreting her wrong
klaine kurt hummel glee blaine anderson Klaine fanfic klaine fanfiction ckofshadows some personal favourites of mine beautifulwhatsyourhurry andercas
Cassandra Clare Laptops plagiarism Terrible People cassie claire
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Kill Them All (Let it go Parody) A song by Steven Moffat
Kill Them All (Let it Go Parody) A song by Steven Moffat Lyrics: I’ve re...
percy jackson percy jackson and the olympians Heroes of Olympus olympiandemigods pjoshipweeks
sherlock writing author authors fanfic writers writing tips IGN doctor wo writers block fanfictions **stuff** writing block written at 4 am dont judge 99 ways