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drawing Cool Awesome pencil skull morbid ink Sketch skeleton pen sharpie pen and ink skeletal just slightly though gummybearbreath
Omg I’m dying this is so cute! This little girl recreates celebrity outfits with construction paper and tape!  http://www.fashionbymayhem.com/
LOL art fashion guinea pig rabbit pet pets hamster rodent hailey gerbil guineapig pet love guinea pig love
Okay so I bought a dress today (along with a pair of dark blue velvet pants they are great)and it looks pretty normal, right?WRONGGREETINGS I HAVE COME TO LAY A CURSE UPON YOUR VILLAGE AND KISS ALL YOUR WOMEN
love drawing Illustration art girl painting stars dark brunette boy blonde ink Sketch norway artists on tumblr bergen darkart illustrasjon darkartists Anders Røkkum
gif fashion TV jennifer lopez american idol feel the light
drawing art girl anime indie blue Sketch yellow myart Moleskine journal sorta mypics copic lineart idrk copic marker aesthetic Turtleneck linework vz elesq crescentbeing
fashion style clothing fashion tips style tips fashion guide
  • Me:I am the sexiest person in the world right now. In this moment, I'm a star.
fashion oscar Academy Awards the remembrance of the last one tho makes me wanna vomit sorry i will never ever get over it
This Anna Kendrick Little Mermaid SNL sketch is impossible t...
love Christmas beauty girls boys fashion hot gorgeous words inspiration dream happiness amazing december dreaming new year's eve newyear great inspo 2014
remember last year when we thought miss canada’s costume was as canadian as it could get well look at this year’s costume we were all so wrong
fashion: details varda dresses
Sketch mythology apollo cassandra
mygifs Paris Fashion Week hussein chalayan chalayan
fashion edits 2014 krikor jabotian akhtamar collection
fashion rtw valentino fé ready to wear newedit i love these pre fall fashionedit pre fall 2015 but look the clothes are made of STARS
fashion outfit haute couture couture Rami Kadi
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