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If you’re dating a fat girl and you feel like you have to keep her a secret because her weight is embarrassing, go ahead and break up with her She deserves way better than you
When people attempt to belittle you because you’re fat.
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According to Burmeister’s team, students who were relatively overweight or obese were less likely to be offered admission [to grad sch...
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Fat girls on tumblr changed my life. Thank you.
I say, ‘I am fat.’ He says, ‘No, you are beautiful.’ I wonder why I cannot be both.
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Once I became much larger than I’d been before, I simply refused to have the lights on during sex for the same reason – “He won’t know what ...
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Anti-fatness is humiliating. It makes strangers hate you. It makes people that you don’t know feel as though they’re allowed to tell your their opinions about what goes in and on your body. When you’re a fat woman and walk into a store, a sales clerk will automatically walk up to y...
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Fat Girls in Summer
Fat girls in summer should not be forced into shorts that hang like potato sacks down to kneecaps and over meaty thighs.  Fat girls in summer should cut those frumpy frocks until the hem is shorter  and jagged and lets them fucking breathe. Fat girls in summer should not let themselves be covered ...
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