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General Disclaimer
Fat women do not solely take pictures of themselves in bikinis or lingerie in order to show off their confidence. They do it to show off their cute bodies and clothes. The same way that thin women do. Saying that you admire a fat woman’s confidence, but not her appearance or fashion sense ca...
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fatshion guide/where to shop for plus sized clothes!!
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something that keeps me from having breakdowns in changing rooms is reminding myself that clothes are designed to fit people, people aren’t designed to fit clothes. it is not my responsibility to fit into ‘standard’ sizing, it is not my responsibility to fit a garment a certain way...
Why yes, Plus Size Brand, I would love to buy a shapeless white tshirt with some huge lettering and an animal print.
Since fat bodies are so politicized, dressing them becomes a political act; I’ve talked to a lot of fat girls who choose to wear loud outfit...
I said I’m fat not ugly. Get your ears checked.
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