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angel this is why he's my fav
E o dia vence a noite, a vida vence a morte, a fé vence a dor é só você acreditar.
Je pense que je t’aime, foi o que ela disse: “Acho que gosto de você.” Ou: “Acho que amo você.” O verbo francês aimer pode significar as dua...
fav landscape upload nature vertical
fav lana del rey TP Azealia Banks
drawing art fav Anime girl anime art anime boy anime scenery anime edit anime edits anime drawing yuf.e
harry potter mine prisoner of azkaban daniel racliffe TMB hpedit i really had no idea about my fav scene so i asked someone
fav hahahahahaha tipo isso
fav Meus
Não se preocupe, essa angústia que você está sentindo vai passar, a saudade vai acabar. eu sei que agora parece que o mundo conspira contra ...
*gif Teen Wolf 2.08 Scott McCall isaac lahey twgif scisaac scott x isaac *all twedit gdi i searched for a gifset of this scene the whole day had to do it myself then bc i have things 2 say (this is becoming a mantra lately) also in slow motion bc then u can see the exact moment isaac fell in love but yeah no obvious shipping bias aside this is one of my fav moments of this show because it says so much about these two characters like look at isaac in the first 2 gifs this kid hasn't had anybody care for him in who knows how long so the idea that scott meant him when he said 'be careful' doesn't even cross his mind so absurd it is and when he realises scott was talking about his safety he is comepletely speechless bc at this point in his life literally no one cares about him like derek only turned him for his own selfish purposes and deals rather roughly with everyone on his new pack erica and boyd are friends with each other but not really with isaac or at least that's the feeling i get when i watch them interact and then you have scott right here who absolutely has no reason at all to give a shit about isaac bc really it's not as if isaac was ever nice to him (he even tried to kill scott's friends) but he does anyway because that's how scott is so yeah this scene is a huge thing for isaac bc this is the moment he realises that there might be ppl who care and that's why he puts so much trust in scott bc scott is literally the first person to show any concern for his well-being and i have so much more to say but it'd take up too much space and i'm crying now anyway bc these 2 reasons scott mccall is perfect tbh
Masterpost: Baekhyun's pre-debut.
> 90 pictures ~ ADDED LATER: Other members’ pre-debut masterposts.Other posts about Baekhyun’s pre-debut.
fav animals upload yellow sunset deer
Cansei de me preocupar, só vou dar valor pra quem me quer bem. Eu não vou dar ibope pra essa gente que só me quer ver pelas costas. Pra essa...
1k skins Emily Fitch James Cook skinsedit cemily when your two fav characters hav a scene together ^___^ your heart just lights up
my stuff bioshock rapture bioshockedit incinerate is my fav
love photography mine Unf fashion food like perf colorful bored reblog s3xualistic
photography art fav design landscape time lapse Sequence dimension fong qi wei
gif quote life drugs Personal UP trish oitnb Orange is the new Black Alex Vause
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