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August feels like a hinge in the year. Swing backwards and summer is there, swing forward and fall is waiting. I’m in the swing forwar...
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  • Fact:The human brain makes you see yourself as 5 times more beautiful than you really are.
  • Me:Well fuck.
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Have you ever had the hugest platonic crush on someone like…you just want to be with her/him all the time in a non-romantic way, share your stuff and be the bestest friends ever but that person seems to have a lot of friends and you just sit there crying on the inside seeing that he/she doesn&...
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  • boys on tumblr:i want a girl i can be myself around, to kiss and hug and tell them they're beautiful every minute of the day. To watch cute movies with and cuddle in the poring rain.
  • boys in my neighbour hood:LOOL, swag swag motha fuckin swag, weeed and smookin all day erry day swag swag swag yoooooooooooooooo.
 Se eu durmo demais, meus pais reclamam, se eu não durmo, meus pais reclamam, se eu fico na internet demais, meus pais reclamam, se eu como demais, meus pais reclamam, se eu não como nada, meus pais reclamam, se eu fico trancada no quarto, meus pais reclamam, se eu saio muito, meus pais recla...
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God warns us that feelings can NOT to be trusted (Prov.28:26) because He knows that strong, lasting relationships aren’t based on emotions b...