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  • boys on tumblr:i want a girl i can be myself around, to kiss and hug and tell them they're beautiful every minute of the day. To watch cute movies with and cuddle in the poring rain.
  • boys in my neighbour hood:LOOL, swag swag motha fuckin swag, weeed and smookin all day erry day swag swag swag yoooooooooooooooo.
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A dúvida é pior que o não.
ugly feelings
Demorou, Durou, Mas Acabou.
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Worst feelings.
When you know your “Friends” are lying to you… When you see the person you love/like with someone else other than you.  When someone says, “I just want to be friends.” Or when you just feel like you’re not good enough. Add more if you can think of something.
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DorgasVocê se ferro hein ?Ui , que boca !Que porra é essa ?Seria melhor maaaaaaaasEi , esse e meu pau puta que pariu Que bosta Que porraMe amo por issoAi , que doença "A" de amor Ai que odeioSafada
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do you ever get to the point where you’re just so fucking done with everything and you could quite happily just disappear off the face of the earth and not give a shit because everything you do just blows back in your face and there’s not even a point in doing anything anymore, everythin...
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