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no feelings are the best feelings
I know you have feelings left somewhere. Their somewhere buried away. I swear I can see it. I can feel it. But someone once told me when som...
I was so busy putting you first, I ended up putting myself second.
Looking back, I finally see that loving you, was just another form of self destruction.
Two years ago, I got lost looking into your eyes. Two years later, I’m still trying to find my way out.
You have no idea how often I think about you.
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I have the tendency to look for him at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey.
When I try to picture the next sixty years, all I can see is your smile.
I have Halal feelings for you.
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Today, I looked into his eyes, and forgot your name.
You caused me so much pain, and I want to hate you so badly, but I can’t forget about all the times you made me feel as though I was m...
Never hold your breathe for someone that only watch you suffocate.
  • boys on tumblr:i want a girl i can be myself around, to kiss and hug and tell them they're beautiful every minute of the day. To watch cute movies with and cuddle in the poring rain.
  • boys in my neighbour hood:LOOL, swag swag motha fuckin swag, weeed and smookin all day erry day swag swag swag yoooooooooooooooo.
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