• fei zhu liu •
beauty art fashion 2011 face MY EDIT Model black show makeup lips dark fur darkness flawless runway grey catwalk fei fei sun Altuzarra fw FW 2011 fw11 fw2011 fw 11
NEVER give up on yourself. There is always hope in the midst of this dark, demanding world. In the end, live for those that did not get the ...
  • krystal:[loses amber in a mall] excuse me, i lost my friend, can i please make an announcement?
  • store clerk:of course
  • krystal:[leans into mic] Goodbye you little shit
amber amber liu f(x) request femaleidol ktmc femaleidolsedit sn9d
gifs amber amber liu f(x) Krystal Luna Victoria luna park krystal jung song qian Victoria Song park sunyoung over 2000 notes
2000s drew barrymore Lucy Liu charlies angels
amber amber liu f(x) wendy red velvet son seungwan femaleidol ktmc femaleidolsedit I just thought this was a cute moment lol
1000 Lucy Liu elementary i made something Joan Watson elementasquee **gifs elementaryedit joan 'wears her lack of fucks like a fashion piece' watson joan 'threatens criminals like it's no big deal' watson joan 'lmao fight me' watson
1k amber liu f(x) gfx luna park krystal jung 002 I've been wanting to do this for a while Victoria Song this probs looks super strange but i'm a sucker for old school things
Storyboard storyboarding Rebecca Sugar steven universe Joe Johnston peridot lamar abrams jeff liu katie mitroff hilary florido paul villeco cookie's greatest hits ian jones-quartey su peridot Raven Molisee stevey universe lauren zuke angry green dorito angry smol daughter little green fluffnugget steven universe storyboard artists amber rogers
i’m crying
* amber amber liu f(x) *g rania 1k notes alex reid asdhksjadh she's so cute i watched the whole video and i fell in love
u editorial jing wen T Style Magazine liu song t style china
1k amber amber liu f(x) request femaleidols by sooyulti
* amber amber liu f(x) *g 1k notes scott kim what the pineapple probs me when i see snow
10 inspiring and helpful YouTube channels for digital artists
People are asking us how the art we share can be so good.The answer this time isn’t so simple. An artist has his own way on shaping his style, he takes his time to experiment and so it becomes quite difficult for others to try learning his art style and making it their own. It’s even wrong.But we ca...
fashion photography editorial Vogue China liu song cong he
photoshoot Lucy Liu elementary Joan Watson CBS Watch Magazine
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