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tfw you manage to appease Fenris enough for him to call you Friend
dragon age fenris armand hawke two broody people holding hands armand and fenris
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reblog if you ARE an elf, if you SUPPORT elves, or if you like to TEAR THROUGH mens’ CHESTS and rip out their bloody INTERNAL ORGANS  
angry man child sounds
All Fenris’s grumpy brood noises for your enjoyment. ewe
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fenris dragonblogging fenRIS PLEASE YOU WERE SO AGAINST FIGHTING W ME AND THE MAGES started wheezZING WHEN I ASKED FENRIS TO FIGHT B Y MY SIDE AWGAIn and fenris just looked at my hawke and looked at meredith and back at my hawke and god this game is really something
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fenris garrett hawke FenHawke
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Fenris is a giggly idiot, pass it on
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