• fenris •
“there is nothing wrong with being homophobic” 1) yes there is 2) yikes
*drives one mile over the speed limit*  my name is max. my world is fire and blood
love art distance stars fenris the wolf Fenrir fenris-ulfr
i think dragon age fenris gel trespasser Solas thestuffidraw this is partly your fault that idea of yours was just too damn amusing i had to draw it
sorry isabela anders aveline hawke merrill fenris DA2 long post varric The Gangs All Here dragon age2 another for the compost heap
gaming my stuff dragon age fenris DA2 i'm trash dragon age tarot it took me like 2 weeks i hate that game ajgiel
isabela dragon age 2 anders merrill fenris render long post Carver Hawke varric tethras aveline vallen garrett hawke
art lgbtq isabela dragon age 2 anders aveline merrill fenris DA2 pride month varric
dragon age fenris zevran arainai
Fanart cullen dragon age hell yeah fenris alistair theirin nsfw/ cullen rutherford my new tablet is fireproof also fenris is done with my shit
comics dragon age dragon age 2 anders fenris DA2 Carver Hawke garrett hawke im a dragon age trash now bye
isabela dragon age dragon age 2 anders aveline hawke merrill Bethany fenris carver how beautiful varric Kirkwall allright viktopia 90s boybands 90s girlbands spice up your backstreets back YOU CAN OWN THIS TRASH NOW <3
dragon age fenris blood tw armand hawke someone help i've never. actually drawn any of my pcs with their LIs like this before i guess i don't feel as self-conscious because it's just humour and not like fluff or anything aha
Fanart ? dragon age anders merrill Isabella Bethany fenris I'm going to regret this please don't hate me for this Bethany Hawke screencap edit ish??? Anders and Merrill are a trainwreck rip I'm already regretting this DISNEY AGE
dragon age dragon age 2 fenris DA2 FenHawke I CAN't TAKE ALL THE FEELS
My art dragon age da fenris DA2
art !! isabela dragon age 2 anders hawke fenris i will try Aveline is a jerk I WANT 2 DO THEM ALL I WILL TRY 2 DO AN UPDATED 1 W/ VARRIC N MERRIL AND THE TWINS + SEB AND DOG
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