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humor opening ceremony winter olympics Olympic Rings 5th ring
"your crush is coming in this way" " what should i do?????" "act normally" "okay"
1k harry potter romione harmony dramione JK Rowling 10k what even hp edit fremione ship wars hkppost hkpgif anon rec
When I see bae… Vine by┬áHarmony Smith
harry potter Daniel Radcliffe GIF3 Hermione Granger Emma Watson harmony Ive had this in my drafts for weeks it's christmas eve in england so w/e
my gif harry potter Hermione Granger harry harmony hp hbp
ashley benson selena gomez vanessa hudgens spring breakers Harmony Korine rachel korine
Why is everyone talking about who I should or shouldn’t have gone out with when clearly what we should be focusing on is how I was the brightest motherfucking witch of my age and made a polyjuice potion when I was 13?
doctor who matt smith mine Eleven jenna louise coleman dwedit clara oswald m: doctor who m: edits it looks like crap the time of the doctor this is so ugly i'm crying i have typos damnit which i edited away but it's too late ugH I WILL NEVER BE OKAY AGAIN i spent like 5 hours on this whelps ALSO HE DIDN'T SAY GERONIMO WHEN HE REGENERATED I'M SO ANGRY AND SAD AND EVERYTHING IS A WRECK actually tbh only the fourth picture is crappy I like the first second third fifth and eighth one ish
Aang atla my graphics avatar the last airbender atlaedit i hope you like it! fake move meme avatar* i have so much to say about this but for now i'll just let it go
In other news: Jane Austen rises from her grave to claim that she regrets Mr Darcy and Elizabeth ending up together. “Mr Wickham was probs the way to go." Fandom is shocked and confused.
lauren jauregui fifth harmony i did a thing this is what I could decipher to the best of my ability (plot twist: Lopey lip reads just kidding- Lauren just enunciates really well) This is why I love the girls so so so so much they're not just personable and friendly and excited for everything that's happening for them they are genuinely intent on using their platform to help people in any way they can Even if that just means standing with them in the middle of a crowded mall a fan's face in their hands staring them in the eyes and TELLING them that they love them that they'll always love them and that that means they will never be alone wow I am so in love with this girl group and I am crying and it is late
Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik mine 1D x factor fifth harmony camila cabello
favourite gif 1k LOL * film movies chris tucker the fifth element Ruby Rhod mythangs:tfe
art Street Art new york cityscape
bbc movie sherlock life ruiner tom hiddleston British fandom star trek Marvel loki happy new year actors Premiere 2013 Cumberbatch Villains Cumberbitch hiddleston khan hiddlestoners Only Lovers Left Alive Hiddles Army thor the dark world hiddlesbatch star trek into darkness John Harrison the fifth estate Benedict  Cumberbatch cumbercollective bye 2013
myart looney tunes the fifth element Ruby Rhod looney tag FOR POLAR
gifs Jesus Benedict Cumberbatch jimmy fallon SherlockEdit cumberbitches he looks so proud the fifth estate cumbercollective good night werld
Things you get to do as a fan: Support them Buy their music Buy their merch watch their music videos request their music on the radio cry with their selfies laugh with their interviews Things you don’t get ti do as a fanchoose who they should date hate on the people they date act like you own...
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