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have some ice cold soda on standby while giving head and take a sip every minute or so. you’re welcome.
sometimes i watch youtube videos and halfway through i’m like you know what i don’t care and then i close it
more hoe tips from urs truly
-shave ur legs w baby oil instead of shaving creme, its makes ur legs smoother, gives them moisture, and lets the razor glide leaving u with essentially no stubble -rub cocoa butter lotion/creme on your legs and thighs and everywhere else ur boo thang is gonna be touchin up on also get as close to ...
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pronouns: hoe/hoeself
Hoe tip #7
Do not fight over dick
“youre obsessed with yourself” and youre not??? sad. tragic.
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Harry Styles One Direction 5 beautiful hoe
Hoe is a genderless noun.
love truth haha quote Black and White quotes white true black bitch hate man men new this bad bitches hoe laughing sassy accurate bye false fake bitches biatches girls forever not girls hoe hoe hoe mean men boyhoes
imho = in my hoe opinion
me: i’m a hoe (:y’all: aren’t you a virgin tho?me:
thirsty mcdonalds Thirst the thirst is real thirsty hoe
Tyler Joseph: *looks at tall thing* Me: hoe don’t do it Tyler Joseph: *climbs thing* Me: oh my god
me: hoe dont do itsewing machine:sewing machine: me: oh my god.