• finally made this omg a month later oh well •
my shit gotedit gotsansastark gotdaenerystargaryen asoiafedit gotparallels finally made this omg a month later oh well
mygifs mine exo exo k CE chanyeol xxxxk pcy23* omfg i finally made something HAHaHAh i'm gonna double post today bc i want the countdown to be based on kst and est yeeeeee i'll make graphics later i couldn't fit everything i wanted TT TT TT TT oh WELL
copper booker oh well... this wasnt what i was supposed to draw i made something in colour omg??!?!
* The Hunger Games Catching Fire thgedit cfedit made this over a month ago thought i might as well post it
** Chris Evans Sebastian Stan anthony mackie marvel* marvelcastedit haven't made gifs in so long omg and this has probably already been made but oh well
my gifs mine edit oh well enjoy! jack frost rise of the guardians rotg jackson overland frost The Rise of the Guardians Release Challenge Look what I found in my RotG folder! Lol I made this set like a month ago And I completely forgot about it xD I thought I made one only with Tooth I don't really like it though...
* disney frozen Disneyedit frozenedit omg i was so happy when i made this last night but now im so reluctant to post this was probs a waste of time sigh oh well i like it kms [mrs hudson] live and let loose thats my motto
tvxq yunho changmin homin
gifs onew shinee lee jinki jinki onew condition star king i finally made one more gifset... it was difficult... omg... this made me lol like crap only nerds can think of this
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oh well Dylan O'Brien I made a thing tyler hoechlin hobrien things:do'b things:th oh heck i feel like i should've made a things tag for these oh heck gifsets this might be the last one anyway
kingdom hearts sora riku arts kh3d i'm not sure i executed this joke well oh well I'll draw more later
* Captain America *gifs Marvel marveledit capedit catws a million years later i've finally made a gifset of this movie if only i were happy with it
doctor who omg yes my graphics I'm so happy Gosh eleven and amy dwedit eleven/amy i hope people reblog this or edits I finally made this aeappreciation oh look! this got more than 1k notes gahhhhhhhhhhhhh took me like years procrastination and shit eleven and amy appreciation day OHMY 2K PLUS NOTES
gif * doctor who spoilers mine Gif: Doctor Who the snowmen a gif like this has probably already been made but oh well!
Modern Family m Sofía Vergara gloria pritchett jay pritchett ed o'neill idk why i made a gif out of this it's weird but oh well
Steve Rogers Marvel stevebucky marveledit i finally finished this cocogifs captainamericaedit *2014 otp: starbucks oh captain! queue captain! it only took me almost a month nbd
zelda fan art legend of zelda loz hyrule legendofzelda
gif someday the strokes julian casablancas this is really bad omg oh well