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Homestuck update upd8 we love fine homestuck contest homestuck t-shirt contest check eridan's legs and dat booty NAKED GAMZEE
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bbc sherlock johnlock TGG hlv jealous!john I guess John's gaydar was working fine too
Fly Me To The Moon
Chris Pine  chris pine being fine
In case you haven’t heard… Chris Pine can sing (x)
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hoh my god i just realized that in the very last scene they’re all waving random flags but enjolras is waving this red flag which is riddled with bullet holes as you can see look familiar he took th efl ag with him to he aven
* ch: harry potter i'm fine mine: graphics hpedit everything is fine m: harry potter what the fuck ash harry james potter stood over his parents' graves and wished he was buried with them :-) harry james potter walked willingly to his death at 17 :-)
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posted the shirt gets me please wear more shirts
Jesus Christ… he doesn’t even have to do anythin...