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  • 1) Your kid probably isn't gay, even though the pics hanging next to their bed looks like girls.
  • 2) Don't get your kid an English CD for their birthday or any other gift giving holiday, they probably won't like it.
  • 3) When they show you a pic of their favorite singer, don't instantly assume that it's a girl, it probably isn't.
  • 4) If you walk into the room while they are on the computer and they minimize the window instantly, don't be offended, it's probably for your own protection.
  • 5) Don't be surprised if their total clothing and make-up style changes
  • 6) If they start speaking a language that is almost English, but not quite, don't worry. Its called Engrish. You'll get used to it.
  • 7) Don't insult their favorite idols.
  • 8 ) When they start talking about Lucifer, they aren't worshiping Satan.
  • ...
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