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  • 1- riusciresti a passare il resto della tua vita senza fumare una sigaretta?
  • 2- sei single/impegnato/con il cuore spezzato/confuso?
  • 3- e se ti dicessi che sei davvero stupendo/a?
  • 4- ti è mai stato detto 'non è per te, è colpa mia'?
  • 5- ti interessa qualcuno, in questo momento?
  • 6- c'è qualcosa per cui non vedi l'ora nella prossima settimana?
  • 7- vuoi essere single?
  • 8- sei uscito o sei stato a casa ieri sera?
  • ...
Taking a test
*tap tap tap*                                   *sniff*                        *three people sniff*                                 *more tapping*     *two consecutive sniffles* *one person flips their test over*     *look at clock*  *sniff*   *tap tap tap*                                   *everyon...
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fitness Fit Girls fit motivation fit women fit inspiration
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In Indonesia, female military recruits still need to pass a “2-finger” virginity test.
Human Rights Watch published a report on Wednesday urging the Indonesian military to abandon its practice of subjecting female recruits and fiancées of male recruits to so-called “virginity tests” in order to ensure they are not “naughty.” The report not confirmed the test &q...
Doctor Who Bechdel Test
There is something called the Bechdel Test. It’s a scale you run movies through to basically see how conscious of female characters they are. The test is as follows: 1. It must have at least two named female characters. 2. They must speak to each other. 3. They must converse about something ot...
Doing a Test: Reblog this post if you prefer Kristoff
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When your test is not multiple choice.
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Crash Test Dummies weird internet crash test dummy
12 women are on screen, all with speaking roles, and none of them are talking about a man. It not only outpaces mediocre measurements like t...